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Accomplishing missions others cannot. 

The majority of us at 2430 Group come from the government. We chose that line of work to serve our country and people. We spent entire careers working for the public doing work we love. But while inside, the bureaucracy impeded innovation and it wasn’t something we could fix. 

While we see the value and merit in the system that keeps our government accountable, we also see how it hinders our strategic capabilities against adversaries. 

Conversely, a few of us had our start in the private sector, innovating, working fast and hard for results. However, there was no mission to serve the people; instead, we sought to innovate and develop the next best thing to sell. 

At 2430 Group, we view ourselves as a bridge between the private and public sector. The two sectors do not have aligned missions; however, together, they have the potential to serve our country, innovate, and protect national security in amazing ways. 

With our fantastic team of experts from the private sector, the intelligence community, the military, law enforcement, and academia, all with decades of experience in identifying and mitigating threats to our national security, we will accomplish missions others cannot.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of experts contributing to this important work. 

Glenn Chafetz.jpeg


Glenn Chafetz

Mr. Chafetz is a director at 2430 Group. He has more than 30 years experience in government, academia, and the private sector. Since retiring from government, he has advised companies on corporate espionage, due diligence, and protection of proprietary data. In the Department of State, he served both overseas and in Washington, where he worked on strategic trade and export control. He spent most of his career at CIA, where he served multiple overseas tours. He was CIA's first Chief of Tradecraft and Technology. Glenn received his Ph.D. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. He was Associate Professor at the University of Memphis; Senior Research Associate at the Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georgia; and Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He also taught at American University’s School of International Service and at the National Intelligence University. 

Aaron Brown.jpeg

Associate Founder

Aaron Brown

Aaron has over two decades of experience in law enforcement, Army Special Operations, and national security, including as a senior operations officer and field leader at the Central Intelligence Agency. Aaron is a proven problem solver and innovator, with experience leading complex, dynamic, and multimillion dollar intelligence missions across the globe, in war zones, austere environments, throughout the Near East, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Aaron is a recognized expert in the exponential risk of surveillance technology. He has advised numerous intelligence community programs about such risks and developed advanced solutions for this rapidly growing threat–hundreds have attended his sensitive talks on technology, including CIA executives and senior leaders from the Special Operations community. Aaron‘s final role at CIA was as Deputy Chief of Operations for Southeast Asia, where he gained deep regional expertise.

Lindsay Wright.jpeg

Director of Research and Analysis

Lindsay Wright

Lindsay is the Director of Research & Analysis at 2430 Group. She has 15 years of operational and managerial experience in OSINT investigations, national security, and foreign policy, supporting private industry and other U.S. Government agencies.
In her free time, Lindsay enjoys mountain biking. Our team is amazed by Lindsay's bicycling skills; she is an amateur enduro racer.

Yasmeen Ziada.JPG


Yasmeen Ziada

Yasmeen is a researcher at 2430 Group. She is a recent college graduate from Portland State University with BA degrees in Political Science and Arabic. Yasmeen started with 2430 Group in June 2022 as their first intern, assisting in an array of their OSINT and due diligence projects. Now, in addition to research, she helps the team build the website and maintain a social media presence. 
In her free time, Yasmeen enjoys swimming and has recently begun to dip her toes in the craft of sewing. 

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